Dr. Norman Ludwin is a leading scholar in the study of orchestration and film composition. He is an instructor in the UCLA Film Scoring Program, the Film Scoring Academy of Europe, and the Musicians Union Local 47. 

His recent orchestration credits include: Jurassic World, Inside Out, Star Trek Into Darkness, Super-8, John Carter, and Priest.


Norman has worked as a double bass player on over 210 motion pictures, including work with artists Michael Giacchino, John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith, Thomas Newman, Danny Elfman, Chris Young, Jeremy Lubbock, Charlie Haden, Barbara Streisand, Roger Kellaway, James Newton Howard, and David Foster (Norman's IMDB link).


Norman’s compositions and arrangements have been performed by a variety of groups worldwide, including recent performances by the Seattle Symphony and the New World Symphony, He has been awarded the ASCAP Composers Plus Award for the last five years.


Dr. Ludwin has written 11 books on orchestration and film composition including “Modern Harmony", "Developing Variation" and “Volume Three- Film Music”.


He has presented seminars at the Munich Hochschule, Zurich School of the Arts, University of Rovigo (Italy), BMI Headquarters (NYC), University of Toronto, Humber College (Toronto), DePaul University (Chicago), Columbia College (Chicago), Bloomington University, The Society of Composers and Lyricists in New York, Screen Composers Guild of Canada, Northeastern University in Boston, University of Maryland, Howard University, Ron Jones’ Academy of Recording Arts, Seattle Composer’s Alliance, Film Scoring Academy of Europe (Bulgaria), Lasalle College (Singapore), Rio de Janeiro, Säo Paulo, China Conservatory of Music (Beijing), Beijing Normal University, Nanjing University of the Arts, Rangsit University in Bangkok Thailand, Kuala Lumpur , and at Ho Chi Minh Conservatory in Vietnam.

He has been sponsored by American Federation of Musicians locals: Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Boston, Toronto, Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego,  and Washington DC.