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“Norman has played in my orchestra since my earliest scores, and frequently orchestrates for me as well. In his book, he covers the basics of orchestration from the invaluable point of view of one of Los Angeles' top session players. Orchestration: A New Approach, with its clear analysis and numerous examples from the masters, is a fresh offering of orchestration technique that emphasizes craft and is enjoyable to read.”

-Michael Giacchino (Oscar, Emmy and Grammy winning composer)

“My first reaction to Norman Ludwin's orchestration book? Where was this wonderful aid when I started orchestrating many years ago? It would have been my constant companion during those early days when I was learning so many things the hard way! My good friend, Norman, has combined his talents as musician, composer, and orchestrator with his gifted teaching skills to author this must-have book for every orchestrator. It is extremely comprehensive, very logical, and best of all, easy to use. I heartily recommend this book as an essential building block for a career in orchestrating. Kudos Norman!”

- Tim Simonec (Orchestrator of over 80 films for the past 35 years)

“I think it's great!! Insightful and easy to comprehend! Love it and thank u!! – John Debny (Composer of Iron-Man 2 and Star Trek-The Next Generation)

“An incredibly well thought out, easy to use, wealth of information for the curious student or the professional who needs a sudden moment of clarity. Your “Course” and “Score Anthology” will be kept close at hand when I’m composing. I especially like, “The Double Bass Up Close”. Thank you Norman.” -Roger Kellaway (Composer, Pianist, and former Double Bass Player)

¨“This book is amazing, I had no idea of the depth and size of the study you made. Congrats on this most needed book!..”

-Randy Miller (Orchestrator and composer of more than 30 film and TV shows)

¨“Norman…What an extraordinarily comprehensive book!!!!!!! Wonderful research on your part. Congratulations!!”

-Jeremy Lubbock (Composer, arranger, on hundreds of  films for the past 50 years)

“Your book is very impressive, very well laid- out and clear and I particularly like the way you put remarks directly into the scores, pointing things out....very useful and I imagine a very good teaching book.”

-Peter Golub (Composer and Professor at UCLA)

"A very important resource that tells movie music through practical analysis and examples." 

-Dr.Nail Yavuzoğlu (Professor in Istanbul, Turkey)

"A comprehensive study that everyone can benefit from- beginners to professionals."

-Tevfik Akbaşlı (Professor in Istanbul, Turkey)

“Recently, I purchased Dr. Norman Ludwin's book "Orchestration - A New Approach”. His superb book, accompanied by a DVD of orchestral scores and examples, is thorough, balanced and very organized. He has developed a unique, understandable, insightful and comprehensive way of breaking down intricate pieces of music, evidenced throughout his book and classes, making the presentation of a very complex subject, far easier to grasp.”

-Doane Perry (Session percussionist and drummer with the Jethro Tull Band)

“The content is extremely approachable and thoughtfully organized and I think it will be of good benefit to our first year students... I am going to recommend that the students purchase it as beneficial reading for the unit.”

- Dr. Eve Klein (Convener of Music, University of New England, Australia )

“Norman…I find it very interesting in the way that you consistently highlight integral elements of how a particular voicing, layering or instrumentation achieves its intended or specific effect -- or the way by which we perceive the sound. Much appreciated.”

-Dr. Ronald Sadoff  (New York University Assoc. Professor, Director & Chair Dept. of Music and Performing Arts)

“Dr. Norman Ludwin has combined years of professional experience as a composer and orchestrator for the film and television industry, with exhaustive research and scholarship into a teaching program for orchestration that is exceptionally informative and genuinely unique.  His creative approach to the subject is both easy to understand and challenging, and sincerely breathes new life into the study of the orchestra, and its infinite possibilities.”

- Dr. Daniel Walker (Dean, Cornel School of Contemporary Music at Shepherd University)

“In his treatise on orchestration Dr. Ludwin not only presents an overview of diverse orchestrational approaches from the masters, but also illuminates the integral relationship between the orchestrations and the compositions themselves."

- John Neufeld (Orchestrator and instrumentalist in the film industry for over 50 years)

“To any one wishing to become a Composer and or Orchestrator I highly recommend Norman Ludwin's Vol. One A New Approach. It has been a rewarding experience reading through the works of so many composers, seeing and studying the breakdown of their scores to make it easier to understand what the composer thought was most important to him. Wishing Norman great success with Vol. One and Volume Two.” 

 -Eddie Karem (Orchestrator for John Williams)


“Norman Ludwin’s Orchestration: A New Approach gives us a “learn from the masters” guide that focuses attention on score analysis.  The wealth of information it contains makes it a wonderful course book or supplementary text for college orchestration classes, depending on how they are taught.  Many studying orchestration independently will find it an invaluable tutor.  The package makes such excellent use of technology that many older texts seem quaint by comparison.  Ludwin is to be applauded!”

- Dr. Anthony Scelba (Anthony Scelba has taught Orchestration since 1979) 


“I’m really enjoying reading through your books! “The Poor Viola” indeed! Great articles, explanations, diagrams, and all. These books deserve to be read many times over, by pros and developing composers alike.”

-Thomas Goss (Founder of Orchestration Online)




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